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Every Android 11 R Feature We Know So Far

by Abubakar Musa Usman

Android 10 runs on more smartphones than Pie’s score last year. But as always happens, news and speculation about the next big version of Android (which is Android R or Android 11 as it would be renamed by Google) have already begun to emerge.

The 2020 Android update is scheduled to be Android 11 not speculation, but fact, because the name itself has been confirmed by Google. That’s because Google vowed to pursue numerical operating system management framework with Android 10

If things go according to the usual schedule, sometime in March we can expect the first Android R beta. For now, all we know about is a few Android R features that in the second half of 2020 may or may not make it to the final version.

But as our knowledge bank grows, this list of Android 11 features will continue to be expanded over the coming months.

Android 11 R Features – Everything we know so far

Your phone will work as Driver’s License

How many times has it happened that we only remember when a cop shakes the window glass about losing the driver’s license at home? Google and Qualcomm are working together on a feature that will allow users to store their own Driver License or any other digital ID on their own smartphone. Using Android Identity Credential APIs, the data will be secured.

However, only the recently announced Snapdragon 865 SoC supports this Android R feature. Ideally (and of course) when it becomes a reality, we will be able to see it on more chips.

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Also, such apps already exist, such as the DigiWallet app from India’s government that collects all your documents in a few taps. Yet Google and Qualcomm will make it even easier with hardware-backed protection

Bluetooth remains ON in Airplane Mode.

One improvement that Google could bring is that if Airplane mode is allowed, Android R won’t turn off the Bluetooth radio. It was found in XDA’s latest “Context-aware Bluetooth airplane mode” AOSP commit.

This could be of great assistance to users with hearing aids or people who realize that they only wore Bluetooth headphones after accidentally cutting off the connection. Well, you could do it manually if you want to turn it off, or Google might make the feature automatic.

So, these are the bunch of updates and enhancements related to the new Android R. This time we don’t have to invent the name of Android R because the dessert naming scheme has been officially dropped by Google and it will be renamed Android 11.

A new NFC file-sharing alternative

The elimination of Android Beam came with Android 10, enabling devices to share files over NFC. All you had to do was click phones to share files together, but now it’s gone.

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It would be nice to have some easy-to-use option that lets you share images, videos, songs, or other files just by pressing your devices against each other–at the moment, it can be quite a pain to use a specific app to do so, and Apple’s Airdrop is a useful feature that has no counterpart in Android.

Improve in Dark Mode

Dark mode isn’t for everyone, but love it for those who use it–or at least they want to, but it has a lot of issues in Android 10.

First of all, not that many apps have their own dark mode, not even all Google apps, so you can often see your smartphone with dark mode jumping straight from dark apps to light apps and back.

Second, some text is not color-swapped on devices that have dark mode and can remain invisible–this is actually happening on Google search, so you can’t see recommended results.

To order to be useful to dark mode on Android devices, it actually needs to be available for most applications, rather than just an optional toggle here and there.

Extended chat ‘bubbles’

One of Android 10’s new features was the addition of’ bubbles’ chat, similar to Facebook Messenger, laid on top of other apps, allowing you to see all your messages from multiple apps all in one easy-to-access interface.

But not all applications are compatible, and while some of the apps you’re using to contact people, there are many that aren’t compatible with only the main text messages app and Google Hangouts. Which ensures that if you want to have discussions about different apps, you will still use those apps for the most part.

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If more applications were compatible WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and maybe even dating apps – it would be really useful! Instead, keeping up with your various conversations in all the different apps that fill up your phone would be incredibly easy.

Android 11 Release Date

Google appears to unveil some of its newest operating system features at Google IO in May, before launching the OS for Pixel phones in September –this year, for instance, it launched on the Pixel 4.

After that, various smartphone brands will slowly be able to update their devices over time. The first non-Google smartphones that came with Android 10 in the box were the OnePlus 7 T and 7 T Pro, but it could be a different company for Android 11.

Nonetheless, not all smartphone manufacturers are updating immediately, and it is possible that all smartphones that can update will have the upgrade made available in 2021. But likely September 2020, at least on Pixel phones

Apart from that, there is still nothing much on the table. Yet stay tuned for more Android R apps updates.

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