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Caches or Data: Which One To Wipe Out and (When)

by Abubakar Musa Usman
Android apps eventually slow down considerably after a period of time and this because of data the app has stored, usually when you install an apps, the apps stored some of the data not only to a seamless experience but also to save up on bandwidth and time, that data help to start from where you stop, it save your last session and other many things, which at the other hand it cause a sluggish app performance or it can cause the app to behave erratically.

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When it comes to slow app performance or the app behave like haywire, many folks said clearing both Caches and App data might solve the problem and some think this has nothing to do with both of them, while some are still confuse on which one to clear out if such occur, but the trust is, clearing cache or app data is defend on how the app misbehave or something drastically need such thing. For instance, if you want to log someone out from Facebook Messenger, here the only option left is to wipe out app data not caches.

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To help solve the argument I make some research and compare them, which one to clear out and when and why should I clear them. Let dive in and see.
What is App Cache?
Whenever you start using a certain app, then it will start storing some files for reference later those things called Cache. For instance when you are using the Android App, the app will save images and other piece of the stories you’ve read so that they don’t have to be downloaded each time the app needs them, this save up your time and data. If you clear the cache it would only wipe the temporary files which again once you open the app.
What is App Data?
Clearing app data means wiping out all the files, settings, database, etc permanently. In fact clearing out the app data delete the entire account history. You are normally starting the app over from the scratch and it will start like the first time you installed it. If it is a game it will indeed start from the beginning like you have never been on it.
Which One to Clear?
Okay let head to the main topic, since we’ve seen the difference between. Do I need to clear them both or which one is right to wipe out and when?
Like I said above it defend on how the app misbehave or something drastically need such thing.  For instance, the cache should be cleared if the app slows down drastically or not loading the data as expected or you want to regain some used space, this is indeed caches must be deleted.
The app data should only be wipe out if the app is behaving unpredictably or haywire or trying to logged someone out from Facebook messenger which the app doesn’t have logout button or you want restart your game from the beginning.

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Hope you got me right, if you didn’t got clear please use the comment box below.

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