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Coronavirus Smartphone Apps Among Top-Downloaded In South Korea

by Abubakar Musa Usman

The coronavirus outbreak has been used by software developers in South Korea to design new apps that help monitor the disease throughout the world, CNN said. At the end of last week, with thousands of downloads every day, one of those mobile apps ranked No. 6 of the top 15 downloads in the Google Play store.


The developers receive their knowledge from data from the public sector. Many of the developers were motivated to create a more user-friendly interface for people to monitor outbreaks because it can be difficult to understand the official details.

Bae Won-Seok, one of Corona’s 100 m owners, said the device experiences up to 20,000 downloads each hour. Corona 100 m allows users to see very detailed details about infected individuals including the date they were reported to be infected, where they traveled, and their nationality, gender, and age. Users may also use the software to assess how similar they are to an infected human.

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With over 1 million downloads since its debut on February 11 in the Google Play store, Bae announced that the country’s growing number of cases has led to an spike in downloads that have recently crashed the server of the app.

Lee Jun-young, a former Seoul-based Android software engineer, is the developer of a separate coronavirus program, known as Corona Map. This software also helps users to monitor where infected people are.

“I thought marking them on a map would be cool,” the software developer commented. “If I think this software will prevent coronavirus patients from spreading by telling people not to go to those locations… I’m proud.”

Lee hopes the government can pick up the app from where he began and move forward with its growth.

South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak has started to affect everyday life, with 2,337 of the country’s global 83,000 cases confirmed. South Korea’s outbreak is the largest outside of mainland China.

Korean Air has started performing passenger temperature tests while Hyundai Motor shut down a facility where an employee checked the virus positively. Because of the outbreak the famous K-pop band BTS canceled four concerts in Seoul.

South Korea has more than 500 test sites where the disease has been tested for more than 100,000 people, The Inquisitr published. Goyang’s northern city is the first place to set up a test drive where drivers and passengers can be screened.

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