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Giveaway: Get This Wise Care 365 Pro License Key for Full 12 Month.

by Abubakar Musa Usman
Making no maintenance as usual can make your computer slow, It’s not easy as you think to clean the computer system manually, one can use a good optimizer software in other to perform the action, for sure there are several different type of system maintenance software available on the Internet and Wise Care 365 Pro is one of the well known ones to try out. So if you are looking for best free pc optimizer.
Wise Care 365 Pro is a comprehensive system and registry cleaning tool for Windows systems. The five primary function areas include a PC checkup, system cleaner, system tuneup, privacy protector and a utility suite. In all, users can scan their PCs, all drives, registry and memory for errors and have them fixed.
Wise Care 365 as you know it is available both free and paid version, and it is the best cleaner for windows 10which includes disk cleaner, registry cleaner, PC optimizer, privacy protector and many more other useful tools and the paid version also comes with a few extra feature, in fact this is another that is must have tools on your PC. Worrying about the free version was limited? Then take the benefit of this giveaway and get free license for full 12 month.
Wise Care 365 Review
The software comes with the main five functions under user interface and that’s PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tune Up, Privacy Protector, and system monitoring. It defrag and free up your computer hard drive and also optimize your PC and became shield in protecting your data.
PC Checkup.
This checkup scan your computer for any invalid and harmful registry entries explorer trace, browser caches, useless files or program and temporary files, caches and logs. Just tab on PC Check up and it will fix the issues.
System Cleaner
This best computer cleaner includes of registry cleanser, common cleaner, advanced cleaner, system  slimming and big file manager (this is available only on paid version) when run a scan, the program checks your PC for junk files and display a list harmful files found in your system to wipe them out just click on Clean.
System Tune-up
This feature handles the startup, system and network, it also defrag disk and registry in order to keep your PC run faster and clean. The optimization further speeds up your PC and makes the applications and games etc. run smoother.
Privacy Protector
This feature is available only in the pro version of Wise Care 365. It includes privacy eraser (to delete the history of viewed pictures, movies/videos, and web pages), Disk Eraser (to remove the deleted files), File Shredder and Password Generator.
System Monitor
This feature lets you monitor the processes and hardware overview which include the processor, memory, hard drive, graphic card and more. A small window displays the CPU usage and memory right on your desktop.
Love it but don’t have the money to buy its license since the giveaway time is over? Okay don’t worry, you can still get if you actually do what I said. Subscribe with us through the subscription box and the license will be sent to you shortly, then download and install the software. Thank you


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