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How Business Owners can Leverage new iOS 12 & Android Pie Features

by Abubakar Musa Usman
Face Off: Smartphone have become so much a part of our everyday lives that they have a significant impact on places of work and the business environment. Business systems can now leverage the power of mobile smartphones to effect long distance business conferences, keep track of field staff, make sales quickly and efficiently, and lower their operating costs.
For many businesses, the announcement of a new OS is generally met with indifference, and the release is greeted by the irritation of a 15 minute download.
Android Pie was released on the 6th August, and iOS 12 on 17th September. But Anthony Main from The Distance explains what these releases mean for businesses, and why you should care?
Four Key Android Pie Features
Android Pie has been officially out in the open since the 6th August, first releasing on Googler’s Pixel range. Since then, almost all major Android devices have received the update, and can take advantage of its impressive array of updates.
  • Do Not Disturb Improvements:- One of the largest distractions in the workplace can be an endless stream of notifications that are simply not necessary. Android Pie has refined the Do Not Disturb function to account for this in a workplace environment – rather than enabling Do Not Disturb function to prevent all incoming calls and notifications, users can now whitelist key contacts so that they are still able to answer quickly and promptly.
  • Screenshot Improvements:- Grabbing screenshots of interesting articles or images is a useful tool, especially when you want to share the information with others quickly but don’t want to fire a full 1000 word essay to your colleagues. Android Pie allows users to take a screenshot quickly by holding down the power button and then using the shortcut that appears. Even more useful is the quick-edit ability that allows users to crop the screenshot to the correct size.
  • Adaptive Battery:- Battery saving is useful for everyone, and keeping a phone alive can be the difference between phoning a key client or missing the conversation that can close a deal. Android Pie now recognises which apps are used the most, and diverts power to those chosen few. Apps that are used less often will receive only a limited amount of power, meaning a prolonged battery life.
  • Improved Security:- For anyone using their phone for work purposes, keeping a high level of security is a must. Android Pie has enhanced the security offering by introducing a lockdown mode that locks the device, prevents the use of fingerprint scanning, and hides all notifications that appear on the lock screen. Instead of biometrics, users will be forced to use their passcode to gain access to the device.


Four Key iOS 12 Features
iOS 12 was released just ahead of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, in order to give Apple’s flagship mobiles the latest and greatest operating system from launch. For any businesses that wish to take advantage of iOS 12’s main new components, the following three key features will ensure that performance is optimised.
  • It’s All About the Speed:- One impressive new feature of iOS 12 is its ability to enhance existing iPhones and iPads with even more speed. Launch times of applications and the devices themselves have been reduced, and in some cases halved. Apple hardware, utilising iOS 12, is more capable of handling heavy usage, and battery life has been enhanced due to the inclusion of power saving improvements. Faster loading times and longer battery life means businesses will benefit from a more reactive staff. Time saved on load times means more time spent on projects or client relations.
  • Grouped Notifications:- In almost all industries, communication is a key component in achieving success. Device notifications are crucial in relaying important information from a variety of sources quickly, concisely, and centrally. iOS 12 brings even more value to notifications, as notifications are now sorted by app for swift reference. If a user wants to check Calendar-only notifications, they can do that by selecting the Calendar group of notifications on their lock screen – this saves time by preventing endless scrolling through a plethora of notifications from a large variety of applications.
  • Enhanced Voice Memos:- A handy app for anyone who enjoys recording conferences for later reference, or finds dictation machines useful. Voice Memos has been a staple iOS app for some time, but iOS 12 brings some enhancements; the app has been redesigned to improve usability, and it is also available on iPad for the first time. iCloud synching means that voice memos will be available across all of a user’s devices, so those verbal notes will never be lost.
  • Group FaceTime:- FaceTime is Apple’s famed proprietary video-telephony product, but its greatest drawback has been its one-to-one restriction. iOS 12 brings some much needed functionality to the classic app by allowing up to 32 users to share the same FaceTime. It’s now the perfect tool for remote video conferencing, whether users are on a Mac or on their iPhone.
While there are many new features on offer in both iOS 12 and Android Pie, there is always room for improvement. What new features would you like to see that will help your business?

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