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How often should you change your smartphone

How Often Should You Change Your Smartphone

by Abubakar Musa Usman
How often should you change your smartphone, this what I been ask while having a chat with friend abroad.
Nowadays, the smartphone serves so many functions for both personal and business needs that it’s hard not to become dependent on one to navigate through life. Sometimes this dependence becomes an issue, though, as technology advances so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with new systems and devices. When your smartphone becomes antiquated, you’ll find applications crashing more often, software updates won’t be compatible with your system, and you may not even be able to download new applications. So the question is, how often do you need to upgrade your smartphone.
It’s important to assess what you, as an individual, really need in a smartphone before investing in an upgrade. Even though technology seems to be improving at rapid speed, when you compare one smartphone with the model just before it, not too much typically improves. Generally, tweaking occurs in aesthetics — font sizes and styles might change, along with the overall size, color, and features of the phone. The quality of pictures and security features also tend to get bumped up a notch.
If you’re satisfied with your current phone, these aren’t really sufficient reasons to lay down hundreds of dollars on a new model. If you’re just looking for a phone you can use for jotting down notes, taking pictures, making phone calls and texting, surfing the Internet, and playing a few games, there’s no need to upgrade your smartphone for years.
At a certain point, though, the world will outgrow your device, and your smartphone will no longer be so “smart.” You won’t be able to perform software updates on it or download new applications. And, if you’re looking to buy accessories for them, such as fitness armbands or chargers, they might be harder to come by. Especially if you use your phone for business, as well as for personal reasons, it might behoove you to upgrade more often so that you will always be up to date with your operating system and to ensure everything is always running smoothly.
So the question is when will you often change your smartphone
Getting Slower
We all hate waiting, and It is a frustration to turn on your smartphone and then have to wait for an minutes for it tostart. Or what about when the device takes a long time to respond to after a call when trying to browse? It lags and sometimes it also freezes. App crashes have become more frequent and playing games on your smartphone is no longer a delightful experience.
Horrible, right?
All of the above situations are actually the consequences of a slow android phone. Our smartphones tend to get slower as the time passes by. And there can be a variety of reasons behind it (if you ask why).
Whatever the reason you got, this can be reason to made you change your smartphone, believe me no one who is urgently need to do a task with his smartphone have to wait for minute before it get started.
Your version of Android is out of date
When the manufacturer of your device refuses to release a new system update, it’s a clear sign that you need to change your smartphone. An outdated phone is more vulnerable to attacks, as you’ll lose support for security updates and the apps you use the most. And with a fragmented market of Android versions and patches that don’t arrive because the carriers haven’t approved their release. As we are in era of security using unsupported version is like trying to kick your ass.
The battery is always running out
The battery in any electronic device has a certain lifespan. The more you use it, the more it’ll wear out over time. This is a ‘natural’ process. If the battery is wearing down, it’s a clear sign that you’ll need to replace the battery… but if you’ve reached that point, it’s easier just to buy a new phone.
You’re out of storage
I am man who like huge space in droid phone, If you’ve run out of space on your device it doesn’t mean you should run to the mall and buy a new smartphone. If you’ve run out of storage, you can save photos, videos, or install more apps by expanding the device’s internal memory or simply by cleaning and deleting files and applications you don’t use or need (which I hate that fact).
Your photos are getting uglier (optional)
This might seen trivial to some, but for many people this will be a good enough reason to aim for a new smartphone. There’s a good reason why smartphones are leading to the extinction of digital cameras. It could be that your phone’s lens was scratched or bumped at some point, which can affect the quality of your photos and videos.
Ultimately, and by far, my favorite reason to change my droid phone is the above reason that I mention, (that you pay so much for!). A lot can make you to changed to your phone without the need to even the above mention list but honestly.


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