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How Technology can Help To Promotes Financial Literacy and Encourage Investment Habit Among Youth

by Abubakar Musa Usman
Why it Matter: Financial literacy is of vital importance now compared to the past given the changes occurred in the different sectors of the economy. For instance, there are not only increased opportunities to invest in the financial markets but also to borrow among others. Pension systems, education and healthcare are also transforming.
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Innovation has developed so much that nearly everything in this 21st century has felt its effect. The web, cellphonesand systems (PC) are in fact the backbone of technological advancements. These advancements have just helped made materials promptly accessible to the adolescent, however has likewise made it easy to use and free.
Financial literacy as we all know is the ownership of the arrangement of abilities and learning that enables a person to settle on educated and compelling choices with the majority of their financial resources. Knowing importance of being financially literate, it is very appalling that the vast majority of our youth doesn’t find out about fund and are believed to dive into monetary obligation. Such huge numbers of guardians likewise don’t possess such knowledge for their kids, or give practically to such.
The youth of this present century can be made financially literate by the use of technology. This is because they spend most of their time using technological gadgets from smartphones to internet facilities, to games, etc. This is obvious with the increasing number of social media users as released by their owners and high traffics to other websites.
There are such a significant number of routes through which they can be instructed utilizing innovation and they include:
Through versatile commercials (Advertisement)
Since the youth invest more energy in the web, making utilization of adverts on these online life sites and different spots they are found on the web is a decent method for teaching them monetarily. It is said that what somebody sees frequently winds up enrolled in the individual’s memory, through portable ads, they can be taught on spending and venture effortlessly.
Using Applications
Innovation has made it feasible for such a great amount to be finished including building refined applications and master frameworks that make utilization of the knowledge of a human master. In the event that portable, work area or web applications are worked with insight gotten from a monetary master, it will go far in teaching the young monetarily.
These applications anyway ought not be made excessively genuine all together not to make them loathe making utilization of them. It ought to be well disposed and intelligent. Applications that can screen somebody’s day by day spending, and possibly give them a once-over of the amount they went through in multi day, with choices of setting limits and giving notices once these cutoff points are surpassed
Using Videos
Researches have shown that humans tend to retain more of an information if it is combined with audio and visuals. This is exactly what videos provide. Making videos that explain tough financial concepts will go a long way in increasing financial literacy.
Innovative apparatuses that facilitate the creation of these recordings proliferate and the vast majority of them are free. Creating these videos and making them cover various aspects of finance like saving, investing, interest rates, bank accounts, inflation and so on will be of great help to the youth.
Using Games
The youth apart from the web, they invest hours on playing amusements (computer games, portable recreations and web diversions). In this manner, they gain so much from these amusements that stay with them for quite a while. Formation of recreations that will encourage back will be of incredible help to the youth.
There are some games that already teach finance and most people have learnt a lot from them. Games like monopoly, cash flow 101, the game of life, payday, charge large, etc. have been of extraordinary help to many in terms of teaching finance but most of them are not free.
Making comparative amusements and making these ones free for the youth either through sponsorship in schools, will be of great help.
There are additionally gaming destinations that give down to earth cash aptitudes to the adolescent and help them take in the fundamentals of individual back. This will guarantee that these more youthful age assimilate the way of life that will empower them settle on better educated monetary choices.
Innovation can without a doubt be great help in teaching all on financial literacy and venture. Government and private individual at all dimensions should help in teaching our youth on spending and speculation to maintain a strategic distance from an age of lighthearted spenders that won’t just be of incredible drawback to our economy however to the world on the loose.

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