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How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account

by Abubakar Musa Usman
There is a lot of criticism being levied at LinkedIn nowadays or I can say ever since it was started which lead many users are ditching the network, some because of spam, no value endorsement and some for email spam, false profile. Certainly these are the most common thing that irritants and cause that criticism and they most biggest problems with LinkedIn. Whatever reason you have! If you’ve tired with the network here in this article we provide an easy tutorial on how to delete your LinkedIn network
Once you delete your account, you’ll lose access to all the data in your account. Your profile will disappear from the LinkedIn website and will shortly disappear from Google, Bing, and other search engines. Thought you still have 20 days if you change your mind not to.

Note; if you worried about not delete your account because of your data, files and other stuff, you can as well backup them before you so start the process by Request Your Data Archive page on the LinkedIn website and click the “Request Archive” button.

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Network
To get this done logging to your LinkedIn account, then click on your Profile icon at the top right corner of the page, and click “Manage” next to Privacy & Settings.
It will pop-up another screen, look carefully and then click on Subscription button and click on Close your Account
Another page will be shown asking you decide to leave LinkedIn. If you’ve no reason then tick on Other and provide a little bit on why you decide to end-up, like how I did in the image below.


The next page will request to enter your password in other for them to make sure it’s your account and make sure you check on “Unsubscribe me from LinkedIn email communications, including invitations
Remember if you have change your mind, you can as well reactive your account within twenty-days of closing, though you’ll lose those group memberships, followings, ignored and pending invitations, endorsements, and recommendations. Thank you.

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