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How To Get Google Adsense Approval: Step by Step Guides

by Abubakar Musa Usman
Looking for a way to get Google Adsense Approval this 2017? Have you tried many methods but that doesn’t work? Brace yourself  and read me, below is a comprehensive guides on how to get approve by Google without much stress if carefully follow the rules.
Before proceeding to the recipe of Adsense approval I would like to tell you the factors of Adsense Approval. There are many factors to approve your Adsense account quickly but I’m going to mention some of the factors which I have tested and worked fine for me. By using these factors, you can approve the Adsense of any country including Nigeria, UK, US, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.
I want to include something here! Some people asked about ‘why peoples do buy USA, UK Adsense accounts and are there any difference in CPC in US-approved Adsense and Indian-approved Adsense if the incoming traffic is from the same country?
Here is the answer to their question that the USA, UK and German accounts are easy to approve and support Payoneer as Payment Method which is why people do buy these accounts because Nigeria accounts are very hard to approve and CPC depends on keywords, advertisers bid amount and geographic location not on Adsense accounts. Well, you can approve the Adsense account in every country including Nigeria after reading this guide.
Adsense Approval Factors.
The very first thing that you should know is Adsense Approval Factors. I’m going to explain some of the factors which I have tested and are working fine for me. You have to understand these factors before proceeding to the Recipe of Adsense Approval.
Factor 1: Domain Extension.
There are two levels of Domain Names; a top-level domain and a second-level domain. The top-level domain (TLD) is the extension attached to Internet domain names such as .com, .net and .org
TLD is the main factor to approve AdSense accounts. There are many free domains available from freenom.com such as .tk, .cf, .ga. I will suggest you not to use these type of domains for AdSense approval because it is quite a difficult task to approve AdSense on such domains but still some of the Adsense sellers are using these domains to approve accounts; their luck. You can use .xyz for Adsense approval because this extension is cheap and it is easy to approve on .xyz and those who can afford the domains like .com, .net can purchase and use these domains.
Factor 2: Domain Age (Optional but recommended)
Yes, domain age matters a lot in Adsense approval. The older is the domain, the more advantage for Adsense approval rather than new domains as per my experience. Let me give you an example of mine that I can easily get an Adsense approval for the domain which was registered in 2013 than a brand new domain in 2017. There are lucky ones who even get approval 2-3 month domain.
Here are some advantages of old domains:
  • Reputation: Older domain mostly will have a better Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Social Signals and other worthy web calculations. It will be difficult and time-taking procedure to reach that stage for a new domain. So, the old ones are much better ones in that way.
  • Existing Backlinks: Backlinks are very important when you build up a new website or blog but in this case you don’t need to build any new Backlinks because they’re already there for the older domains. No worries at all! Backlinks are a boosting factor too for your website SEO.
  • If you want to know how to find expired domains then I will suggest you to watch my video lecture on How to find expired domains with Handsome DA, PA.
  • Existing Traffic: Most of the old domains will have little bit of constant incoming traffic which should be enough to approve your Adsense accounts easily. If you are good at converting these small number of traffic to a big ones, then you can make good money with existing traffic than the ex-owner of the blog.


Factor 3: Site Design & UX
Site Design and User Experience is much important in Adsense approval. Adsense prefer simple design and clean Navigation. If your site has difficult navigation then you will never get approved by Adsense and you will get a rejection email by Adsense which will be something like below.
Your site should provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organisation. Users should be able to click through your pages easily and find the information that they’re seeking.
I hope so now you know that in order to get approved by Adsense your site should have clear navigation and good user experience. Your blog should be with:
  • Simple Design & Good UX.
  • Fast loading.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Clean Sidebar.


Factor 4: Website Niche
Your Blog/Website Niche doesn’t matter so much but it does matter because there are some niche like Education, Technology, Health which google Loves and there are some niche which google dislike such as hacking, adult, porn, drugs, casino, crack etc. So if you want fast approval from Adsense go with the niche which google loves and don’t include even single word of hacking or adult content in your site otherwise your site will have to face the wrath of Google-Boss. Here are some niches that you can choose your site for:
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Greenery
  • News
  • Law
  • Internet Marketing
  • Travel


Factor 5: Quality Content.
You may have heard about ‘content is king’. Yes, I also believe in content. Content is the much important step for your Approval. If your content is good then you can get approved by Adsense without any traffic but if your content is not good then your account can be disapproved even if you’ll have the traffic on your site/blog. Your content should be unique and plagiarism free in order to get approved for Adsense.
Here is a Question that might click in your mind: Can I use rewrite articles for Adsense approval?
The answer is yes, if your rewrite articles are 100% Plagiarism-free then you can use these type of articles for Adsense approval but rewrite article can harm your Adsense account in future if Google found out about it. That’s why I don’t recommend it and will suggest you to go with unique/self-written articles.
Your article should be:
  • Unique.
  • Readable.
  • 100% Plagiarism Free.
  • Minimum 350-500 words long.


Once again, keep in mind not to write about hacking, adult, porn, drugs, casino, crack etc. As I already mentioned Google doesn’t like these type of niches so make sure to not write about these topics. You can check their websites for different types of content niche which Google hates on the peak.
Factor 6: Important Pages.
There are some important pages for your blog such as About, Privacy Policy, Contact us. This is a plus point for Adsense approval. Many publishers ignore this step but wait, no! You are doing it wrong if you’re ignoring these pages. These pages are much important in order to get approved by Adsense. Google wants to know the identity of your site before you sign up for the account. So make sure you create the following pages on your website as soon as possible.
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer Policy
  • Terms of Usage
  • Contact Us
  • About Us


In the about page, write something about yourself and your site like who you are and what is the purpose of your site. In the contact section provide your contact information or make a form to make it easier for your readers to contact you for any queries. If you don’t have any idea about terms of usage and disclaimer policy pages then you can copy these pages from any other site but make it plagiarism free somehow. But don’t use any bot because bot content is not readable so rewrite by yourself and make it easy to read. And you can also find many sites for privacy policy generation so you don’t need to write privacy policy by yourself.
Factor 7: SSL Security. (Optional)
SSL is not important but it is also a plus point for Adsense Approval because Google like those sites which are using SSL because SSL provides a secure connection, authentication, and trustworthiness between users. In fact, SSL looks more professional. So if you want fast Approval then you should use SSL on your site/blog.
Factor 9: Don’t run third Party ads.
Google doesn’t say not to use affiliate ads or third party ads on your blog/site, but as you know here we are talking about guaranteed Adsense approval so make sure not to use any 3rd party ads on your blog till you don’t get Adsense approval. So stay away from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo ads and other third party ad networks to get the first impression clean on your site by Google employees because they hate third party ads on the sites.
Factor 10: Social Media Signals.
Social signals do matters for AdSense approval, well not too much but still social signals matters. AdSense approval doesn’t matter on social signals but if you will give some socials signals to your site you can get fast approval from AdSense.
If you bought expired domains then you don’t have to give social signals for your site because it’s possible that social signals are already given to it by its previous owner.
Factor 11: Index site to Google.
This is very important step if your site is not indexed in Google then it is almost impossible to get approved by Adsense. So if you want to have a Adsense account then make sure to submit your site in Google webmaster and add xml Sitemap in webmasters so that your posts get indexed in Google easily. Then, apply for the Adsense when you are sure that your site and all the posts/pages are indexed.
Here is how you can check your site is indexed or not.
Just type site:www.yoursite.com at Google.com and if you get results in Google then it is clear that your site is indexed and if there are no results of your site then your site is not indexed. You can manually submit your posts/pages links by going to googe.com/addurl.
Factor 13: Decent Traffic.
Many people don’t know that traffic is not the factor to get approved for AdSense but if you have some decent traffic on your site/blog then it will help you to get approval fast from Google Adsense. If you have some traffic, then Alexa rank will be good in numbers.
But if you don’t have good traffic on your site then no worries you can still get approved by Adsensewithout much traffic. Google does not consider this as the main factor. So take it easy and apply for the Adsense.
Then next steps is to get yourself ready, since you have now what it needs to apply for Google Adsense, Signup for AdSense and Paste code given to you on your site under < head > tag


Wait till your application got approved.

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