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How VPNs will Boost the Cybersecurity of Your Startup

by Johnathan Peter

A VPN service is, in plain words, a technology that enables you to create a highly secure network link. This uses every public network such as the Internet, but also generates a private network that can only be used by its operator. Business, government agencies, educational institutions and many other organisations that need to operate safely online use VPN services to a large extent.

Generally speaking, VPNs have their own security measures which go beyond standard security software. Nevertheless, with little or no technology investments, it is possible to create a VPN. Commercially speaking, low-security VPNs are usually designed for limited use and are not intended for long-term service.

People who create VPNs are most likely skilled in applications for networking and security. This means that it is considered that a new VPN has very good security measures.

On this basis, it is safe to say that leaving the cyber security vulnerable of your company will endanger your growth and survival. Each startup will begin to look at their cybersecurity. And one way to start, of course, is to invest in VPNs.

Minimize operating costs

Because reliable VPN providers are generally paid, you don’t need to have deep pockets.¬† For example, for all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, there is a free Zenmate extension. It enables you to open restricted pages, pick any country as a proxy, and obtain anonymous web access.

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If your startup requires long-distance connectivity, which is always expensive, you can do this with VPN and need only connect to local servers while maintaining open conversation between parties. This can ease international calls ‘ high costs and ensure that the lines are safe.

Helps you live in a secure internet area

There are so many snoopers, spammers and hackers on the web who track your online activities secretly and steal sensitive data when you least expect. VPNs help mask your real IP address to allow you to anonymously surf the Internet. VPNs will also alert you to unknown malware and block these pages.

The idea is to keep the internet free for your business and employees. Cybersecurity violation or assault will be reduced if they are within the protected workspace. This is because all information passing inside the network is encrypted by VPNs, thereby confounding or blocking hackers.

Be in your country, even when you are very famous with overseas

VPNs because they are completely anonymous. Under VPN, a website is unable to know who you are and where you are. It is ideal for those who want blogs or Internet service providers to keep their identities secret.

For employees traveling outside their country, VPNs can be an advantage. For cases where sites or internet access is forbidden or limited by some nations, the research will not be affected. Employees can stay connected to this network with a dedicated VPN and keep the job safe

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