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Unemployment as a Result of Internet Fraud (Yahoo Yahoo) Among Youth in Nigeria

by Johnathan Peter

Internet fraud has become so prevalent in the hearts of some Nigerian youth in Nigeria, popularly known as “Yahoo Yahoo.” While different factors and reasons have existed while youth indulge in such an act, unemployment has been considered a major cause. Yahoo Yahoo as it is popularly called is a criminal act that is used as a way to extort money from people most specifically, U.S. citizens, using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

internet fraud


It is suspected that Yahoo Yahoo started as a result of Nigeria’s widespread increase in unemployment. As a result, some Nigerian youth took the act as a means of survival in order to generate income on their own.

This act has also forced some of its victims or clients to go bankrupt, be in bankruptcy or even suicide attempt as the case may be.

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Unemployment may be a cause of Internet fraud among some Nigerian youth due to the perception that the country’s circumstances are not good enough to get a job. This idea has influenced some youth’s education by either dropping them out of school or performing poorly in their schooling, having the philosophy of making fast money without learning.

Internet crime has now gone beyond messaging to extort people on social media platforms. Because of the involvement of security agencies arresting anyone caught in the act, and also the victims knowing they are about to be or will eventually be scammed, the fraudsters or so-called “Yahoo boys” indulge in “plusing” their actions; this level act is called “yahoo plus.” Fraudsters use human beings or parts of the human body as symbols to participate in this act.

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Yahoo plus is the highest level of internet fraud where sacrifices are made to affect their victim’s state of mind in making their offering, the sacrifices not only affect the client’s state of mind, but also affect some innocent victims whose lives are cut short or destroyed to make the sacrifice a success.

As a result of Yahoo plus, so many injuries were caused. Usually the victims used are doomed; either they end up dead or mentally disturbed. Yahoo plus’s main victims are mostly women, especially social workers, sex workers, or random girls who are either wealthy or picked up from clubs. There have been so many accounts of such events and also gone viral via social media platforms. An instance is a lady’s current video dropped from an unknown vehicle; she was unable to move after being dropped, and eventually her flesh began to shrink. This is the end result of such survivors, and many others.

It is necessary to address the problem of unemployment, which is one of the causes of this fraudulent act. Many people engage in numerous odious and offensive acts when the state is unable to provide what the citizens need to live. Although the act may seem difficult to curb, the government should be able to create the necessary job opportunities for younger generations to prevent them from becoming victims or indulging in it.

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