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Nothing Come For Free as You Think

by Abubakar Musa Usman

Yes you read it right. Nothing comes for free as you think it is just a relative term used by companies to develop a strong user base and then use it for their own benefits, keep reading you will agree with me later.


It may sounds unfamiliar to you, while you hang out on social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and of course you also download some softwares either for your smartphone or your computer (PC) all in the name of free things but actually behind the scene of it, there’s nothing call free at it sound.
Let’s assume that close to where you live there are hungry wolves in the forest. Not that you’ve personally seen them when you’ve gone into the woods, but you’ve constantly heard them howl at night, and also heard stories of people being killed by them. There are safe paths, with some guards, that go through the woods.
Why would anyone give you all those awesome looking features for free? A good question.
If a person or a company wanted to put their time and effort to build a great software or product with a lot of extra features and customization along with personalization options he/she easily could do that.
Let’s use Facebook as an example, which of course eventually might have the potential to be one of the most use social network and one of the most popular user friendly messaging applications in the world
Nobody does something like that without any thing in mind, I don’t think such exist, as no one knows what they do to make there, There is never something totally free without something behind it.
For instance, this blog ever since we’ve been publishing great content for free and sometimes with giveaways of some products and yes we do but you know where the game is, commission I get from the company as an affiliate marketer or from ads networks help me bill this blog services and you are the one that contribute to that just by visiting my affiliate links or ads place on this site.
May be you might ask yourself about Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are out of the league about this move, but honestly they are the top players in this field.
Facebook use what they knows about you to sell ads space to advertiser, it’s from that, they generate huge money with that. But why advertisers want such information about you, yes of course, because every business owner want to target the right person to buy his product, if you still want more digging about this, head up to this post made CNBC in 2018 on What Facebook knows about you.
… And this quote from Apple CEO made it clear what I was shedding light on it

When an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product.

And the same thing goes to Twitter, believe or not such companies claiming to give you free service also sell your data to other companies and a good example is Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal upon viewing the link, I’m sure you will understand what I’m talking about.
GBWhatsApp claim to give you more personalize feature’s than the official WhatsApp application, and they did and people love it to extend that they are no longer using the official WhatsApp application, but you know what, there’s something unconfirmed about the developer, some said that he add some code of line anonymously to collect your data without your sane, and it won’t be a surprise. (We highly not recommend you to use modded version of this app, read here to learn more)

It is amazing how download site owner make a living with that, many internet users think that the owner of a download site paid per download. First I want to clear to you that is not true. They never get paid for those free downloads. They are not taking any cost from you to download from these sites and that’s why they are also not getting paid for downloads.


I hope you have already noticed that on download websites a new tab or browser window opened after clicking anywhere of a download website or while clicking on download link. You may also notice that there is fake download link with download text on that download website on the download page.
So, you can say that most of the free download websites are earning money from the ad network. PopAds, Propeller Ads network is the example of these kinds of ad publisher network from where the download websites can earn money.
There are some companies out there giving out free services but to be honest they’ll limit you from some great features of the apps or the products until you paid a token, and some required you to complete some task, a service like SEMRush (You know what I mean, if you’re a blogger) Netflix, Hulu, Adobe Photoshop. Still want more visit here
Even the OS you use (Windows for instance) collect some information about you and monetized that according to your view

The only real guarantee that companies won’t go overboard in invading customers’ privacy is that they have large revenue streams which make it an unnecessary risk.

Monetization through ads was the only relatively easy choice for companies not offering any products or services that people wanted to buy. That revenue stream, however, is not as easy to hold on to as those coming directly from customers. The tech firms that fell back on ads will need to offer value to customers, not advertisers, as the best “legacy” media companies have learned to do. NYPost

Stop expecting to have everything for free and remember stop toying with your info’s in almost any social media, putting too much information about yourself is not a good idea and doesn’t make you smart, it make you dope, not because of selling your data, an online crook will one day use it to do something on the behalf of that which might lead in jail.
Stop believing you’ll make it with free thing.

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