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Samiul Haqq: A Young Programmer from North

by Abubakar Musa Usman

Gone are days when we always heard that the only way to find script kiddies,programmer’s or the so called webmaster’s are only in south but thanks to technological advancement were many northerner are now trying to stand out in field, even though many us kick off with some few errors.

Considering our world is becoming more and more digital, filled with smart devices that allow us to turn on our lights 15 minutes before we arrive home or lock our front doors as we leave, learning to code will help you better understand –and control– your world.
The reality is, anyone can learn to code. Coding is nothing more than telling your computer what to do in a language the computer understands. And the sooner we accept this, the sooner we can equip our self with the right tools.
But wait I know you might be asking yourself what this, is all about. Precisely, is all about how some of our brothers stand out to feature our dear area, our own pride and our own brand.
A met a dude on Facebook, who live in Azare Local Government of Bauchi State of Nigeria, being him well talent and the way he run his own internet life make me not to pass-by without having a thought with him. This guy makes it tight to dominate and to bring something new to Arewa and to whole Nigeria which will benefit even after he gone.
Please tell us who you are and what you do online and when did you kick off
My name is Samiu Salihu also known as (Samiul Haqq), 21 years by Age, currently studying Computer Science at Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology, Kazaure. Having so many years as computer operator and managed various tasks of an organization efficiently. I have taken the responsibility of operating and monitoring small as well as large scale electronic data processing systems which helps me to take decision on critical tasks on both type of systems. I have vast experience and expertise in Web Development, with skills under the PHP, JSP, VB, JAVA, HTML, CSS, JS, languages, I also involved in Digital Marketing, maintain logs and records in organizations, company, school’s websites.
I Started Online activities at 2011, also own my first Blog at 2012 (under Wapka.Mobi CMS) known as arewaonline.gq. After that I owe so many blogs under Blogger and WordPress, Recently my downed Blogs is http://katagum.com, http://ng24.com.ngand http://thengnow.com.  
At first I know you are a blogger ever since, but later become a programmer, right? So what took your attention to ditch blogging
Yah! I change my decision from blogger to programmer since 2013 by some reasons below:
  • It’s ashamed to proud yourself as a Programmer or Webmaster while you’re using CMS/Blogging platforms.
  • All the CMS’s Blogger.com, WordPress, Mywapblog, Wapka were programmed by someone, so why can we owe our site under someone’s platform??
  • I am a computer operator at Cyber Café, always when I visit some Nigerian site’s likes Jamb website they make impossible things to be possible, that the essence that I got to be a Programmer?
  • And so many reasons.
How you define blogging and programming? Do you think, it is useful for people like you with young age?
Yes! Its useful to people with young age’s like me, Programming is just to think of impossible thing to be possible, so anyone with age like me can think just to programmed.
Why did you choose to be a programmer? was there any interesting story? Have you faced any kind of obstacles in beginning
Just to programme something that will be popular throughout my country, and my people to be proud of me even if am not alive.


What programming language are you good at and why?
PHP, Because it’s a latest Scripting Language, I got courage to be a PHP Developer because I used some CMS sites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, Mywapblog etc. all those site where developed using PHP.
Can you tell me about your area of focus and why you choose that area?
My focus area under programming is Education/School things like School Portal, Grading System, E-exams Software, E-Learning, Admission Proccessing System etc. Because we are in technological era, where schools activities a taking up online.
What were the challenges in your journey on starting this career and how did you overcome them?
Challenging that I’m facing is getting a project from School/organizations, some months Back I even develop and write a proposal to ASCOE Azare and I even present it, but till now am not hear anything from them.
How much time did you spend to make your first dollar online?
From 2011 to now I didn’t earn even own onedollar because am not focusing on earning since the starting point of my blogging, at my blogging time my essence is to build website and got audience and much traffic.
Please tell us about your Offline Life.
My Offline life is so simplicity, I can spend a day in my room just to research and to programmed, this is better for me and my life, am not sitting/resting for even a 1 hour without think of what should I do, and how can it be done.
According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger or programmer-Is that technical skills or anything else?
Am not attend any Computing Institution since 2011, that year is when I was in secondary school, and am to attend any Blogging School/Blogging Startups. I always research about what I wanted to do.
Apart from blogging and programming, do you have any other blog?
Yah! Recently http://hiphopng.net is my new site to be lunch.
How you differentiate yourself from other Arewa blogger’s
Since I was a blogger am not start blog just to earn, but some Arewa Blogger’s getting and Earning platform like Adsense is the first thing to start a new blog.
Every blogger needs inspiration. Mention the names of your favorite bloggers and blogs
For me I don’t have any favorite bloggers/blogs
What are your future plans?
My future plans to develop something that will help Nigerian Education Sectors, and to be most popular.
Your Message for other Arewa bloggers and programmer’s
My Message to us is don’t proud of yourself as a blogging owner and Adsense earner, try to get time to research and got way to develop your own blogging platform. Means don’t depend on anyone.


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