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Decided To Buy New Smartphone? Here is What You Need Know

by Abubakar Musa Usman

The process can either be extremely stressful or thrilling when it comes to shopping for a new smartphone because there are so many different models and carriers to choose from. Buying new smartphones has become a part of life, so it’s a very important task to do properly.


When years have passed, it is no longer news that most of us have become fans of new gadgets, ranging from cutting-edge TV sets to headline-grabbing smartphones; but when buying, our common sense should not be overcome by the urge for shiny products, because there is more to every purchase than a product name and a bottom line price. While, through reading reviews, potential buyers can learn a lot about the newest phones, there are some pitfalls that often go unnoticed, and people can still make mistakes. Below are five tips for avoiding errors while buying a new smartphone, which often leads to wasted money and horrible regrets.

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Identify Your Needs

Shopping for a phone without knowing what’s needed is like going to the supermarket without having to look through the cupboards or make a list. You should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for if you’re on the market for a new smartphone. You don’t have to be especially spec informed, but you should have an idea of what matters to you. It might be the size of the screen, battery life, camera specs, or even the storage. Shelling hundreds of naira on a cool looking phone will be very frustrating just to find out it doesn’t have the battery power that’s right for you. But shopping will be simpler if you first make a list of what your goals are.

Price Matter

Many people forget that prices vary from retailer to retailer and tend to buy by comparing prices from the first shop they visit. Listen, a phone is a precious piece of equipment, so why should you buy the first model you see?

Indeed, rates for high-end phones can be quite identical and sometimes not, it’s advisable to take some time to go through the reputable sellers and see if there’s a better deal. Getting a new phone is pretty cool, but it is even better to get the right phone at the right price.

Brand Loyalty Doesn’t Matter

We all know the mobile market’s big hitters, but just sticking to them means spending a lot more. There may be better mobile apps providing more options and a comparatively better value for money, however, some people are lifetime consumers of a particular brand. In addition, the brand where your loyalty lies may be subject to some setbacks and product failures over time so it’s better to keep the options open, perform comprehensive research to make a fair, reasonable, impartial and smart smartphone purchase decision. It’s not the brand name that matters at the end of the day, but to buy the right phone at the right price.

Learn to over look old model

Why spend more on a phone released last month than 11 months ago?

Most potential buyers tend to ignore older models and this is certainly a common error when choosing a smartphone. Looking for an older model doesn’t mean that the new ones are better, but it means that you can save hundreds of naira and still get a great phone. Nonetheless, buying a product that is over 2 years old is not desirable because at some point manufacturers stop offering updates, anything is acceptable within that two-year timeframe.

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Spending within a Budget

One of the biggest mistakes people make is spending too much money when they get a new smartphone. Mobile phones are available for every budget, varying in costs, but we still seem to be tricked into spending much more than we can afford. Although setting up a budget is not the easiest thing to do, there is a huge advantage because it helps to restrict one’s options. So be sure to set your budget according to your pockets before you even think about a computer.

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