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Still Using Bots Traffic Generator? Then i Got Something For You!!!

by Abubakar Musa Usman
As you step in to blogging ecosystem traffic is the first thing that will come in to your mind and whatever niche you are. There a lot’s of huge certain searches on some keywords like how to get free traffic, automated bot traffic generator, online traffic bot free and a lot of others like them. Building an attractive, efficient and popular website is no easy task and the build isn’t over when the website goes live. Webmasters need to be aware that bots lurk around every corner, looking to infiltrate a website, alter their stats, change their metrics, and garner important information for another website gain. Bots are a common problem, and there are several that can legitimately ruin your website security.
Traffic, of course traffic this is what we blogger’s is struggling all days especially newbie blogger’s. Indeed, HIGH quality traffic is the best kind of traffic, consisting of real people who are interested in your content and are visiting your site to learn more. These are the leads you want to nurture, but of course they’re also hard to acquire.
But before i dive into the fact, let me ask you a question.
What does traffic means to you as a blogger?
If you mean any hit that loads on your website and increments your visitor counter by one, then this post is not for you. But if you mean any user that loads your page to read a piece of content, then keep reading, I got something for you on why you should using bots traffic.
Ever since the ultimate target in Google’s eyes, spam bots which they attributed to spamdexing (a practice of generating thousands of poor-quality links thought abuse of comments).  Today, such ‘link farming’ tactics can cause damage to the spammer’s target, causing its website to be “blacklisted” and totally removed from Google’s search pages.
There are a number of ways that automated traffic bot works.  Some of them are purely robotic, while others are more detailed SEO-task programs that, while they do what they do very effectively, they don’t play by the rules and can earn your site several search penalties.  In every case, you should avoid using such programs or program.
If you aim is to deceive some other people (especially advertiser’s) that visit your website. If you have AdSense on your site i will advise you don’t use fake traffic as that is the fastest way to get ban. There’s no bot that can force someone to click on your ads and those bots are not AdSense friendly
People use fake traffic to boost Alexa ranking but from Google aspect they care less (though depending on how the bot traffic is, your bounce rate may increase and in the long run that is bad for your website.)

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Search engines might view the scraped content as duplicate content (because sometimes bot steal content), which can hurt SEO rankings. Scrapers grab your RSS feed so they know when you publish content, allowing them to copy and paste your content as soon as it’s posted. Unfortunately, search engines don’t care if the duplicate content was your doing or not, either way, you’ll be penalized
Today if you still use bot traffic whatever the case may be please stop doing it because it won’t work, it only hurt your SEO
All bot scripts are hefty and check data on a frequent basis and download it. Because of the invasive nature of bots, they slow down the load times of the websites they infest. Think of it this way: if you are alone in a car, you should have no problem getting to 60mph, however, if you pack the car with 1000lbs of goods, the car will be slower and take longer to get to 60mph. The bot scripts are like the 1000lbs of goods to your website, making it difficult for the site to load quickly and efficiently. This leads to frustration from customers who are trying to navigate the site and can lead to a loss of sales, traffic, and customer retention.

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You might think why not Traffic exchange since bot traffic doesn’t pay what we said to do. But let me tell you Traffic exchange are comparatively low quality, of course they’re still real humans. You’re getting real people to view your site, but you’re not bringing them in an organic the way Google intends. You can make money from these users, but your conversion rate will be typically lower than what you might see from organic traffic and there’s not sure you can clicks on your ads as like organic traffic (if you aims that). Of course, it’s also much cheaper and faster to find this traffic than it is to invest in SEO and content marketing.
Bot traffic isn’t very useful at all unless you’re selling advertising that earns you money based on page views, not by referrals or commissions. You can use fake traffic for testing or for abusing such programs, but you won’t sell products to robots. Always be aware of the kind of traffic you’re bringing in, of course, there’s the issue of what exactly an automated traffic generator typically is and does.
If you’re “buying” traffic by buying a piece of software that generates traffic for you, you have to know that it’s not a magical application forcing other users to view your site. It’s just sending hits to your site through your computer. This, obviously, does nothing for you.
The only legitimate reason I can think of to use a traffic generator is to stress-test your server configuration. By setting up enough multi-threaded bots, you can simulate a minor DDoS attack on your own servers, to see how well they withstand either malicious attacks or viral surges in traffic.

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If you are trying to fool the advertiser’s to believe you are generating huge hit to your website, sorry this won’t work because CrazyEgg exist to revealed where your traffic came from plus it also shows where user go first when he visited you site.
Its recommended to keep away from those programs, focus on that real way that will bring you real and huge daily traffic, of course black hat SEO’s are smart but they are not at smart as Google. One black hat trick will lead you huge penalties by Google.


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