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Want To Be Eye-Catching Employee; Then You Need To Have This

by Abubakar Musa Usman
Why this Matter: if you are looking for a job or finally decided to apply for another job, you could be a fresher or maybe an experienced employee, but there are still several things that any applicant must take notice of.
Imagine you’ve just found a job posting and it appears to be the perfect fit. The position is with a company you’d love to work for and you meet each one of the employer’s qualifications. How perfect can this job posting possibly get?
But before typing the word jobs near me, or instead of applying for the job right away, it’s important stop for a few minutes to carefully read the job posting and think of it as a lead. This process will help you form a better strategy for your job application that will get you noticed by the employer.
There is more demand for the job than its supply and hence there is no way out than facing the competition. It is more than just the qualification, unlike older times.
When you’ve just started the job hunt, it can be tempting to immediately get to blasting out resumes and hitting “apply” to a bunch of online listings, but you might be missing out on a key part of the job search—preparation.
Getting a few things in place before you start sending applications out can help set you up for success. That’s why we’ve collected some key things to think about and do at the very start of your job search—to make sure that it ends with an offer in hand.
Wanted to be employer that people or organization are highly looking for such candidate, then you need to have eye-catching requirements, you need some things to know before getting a job, those requirements will sure help you to success.
Learn The Use Of Computer (Even Basic)
Why? Simply because we are living in a digital age where everything is run by computers, digital machines and latest hardware technology… if you happen to be an accountant, you don’t want to use abacus when there’s calculator around right.
The point is, no matter where you find employment, there is a good chance a computer will be a basic tool you will have to know how to use. It is in your best interests to start off computer literate. It will help you get a job and it will help you advance in your career.
To become a computer literate does not mean you need to know how to use every single piece of software you may encounter. And It does not mean you need to know how to write programs or network computers. You just need to know the basics—like how to save and open a file, how to use a word processing program, and how to send and receive email.
Being computer literate meanshaving some sort of level of comfort around computers rather than a look of fear and a feeling of foreboding.
Learn To Speak Fluently
The ability to speak English well is one of the most important things that newcomers need to gain employment. Those with strong English skills will become employable much faster than those who have only basic English skills.
There are some jobs where English skills are not as important, but they tend to be jobs that will not pay a very high wage. Written English skills are also very important to many employers.
You probably already know that, but do you know why? The importance of English is something that a lot of people know exist, but not a lot of people understand.
If you’ve started learning English, then you’re probably doing it because you want it to help you. But as it turns out, learning English is only the first step.
If you really want to get ahead, you need to be able to speak it proficiently, with as little of an accent as possible.
Learn to Code (Even Basic)
Experts predict that coding will be the most important skill for job seekers in the near future. But this essential skill is no longer just for employees at Google or Apple; companies across the spectrum, from hospitals to magazines to retailers, are seeking out capable coders—and will pay big bucks for them, too.
Job market analytics firm Burning Glass reported that in 2015, occupations that required coding skills made up as many as seven million job openings alone. Programming jobs overall—including data analysts, Information Technology (IT) workers, and engineers—were growing 12 percent faster than average. Imagine what those numbers look like now

This report analyzes the job market demand for coding in order to highlight the breadth and magnitude of employer demand for these skills and the range of opportunities that learning to code can open for students. The intent of this research is to showcase for school counselors and K-12 students alike the importance of learning to code and the value these skills will have in the job market. Burning Glass.

The importance of learning how to coding can’t be understated in a society and economy driven by technology. Industries far beyond just the technological sector are affected and benefit from new software being pumped by either internal IT departments or third-party developers.
Businesses can live and thrive based on the applications streamlining their tasks and routines. Individuals also can’t ignore the impact programming can have on independent success with the chance to engage more people with their passions and work. This connectivity and tech can evoke both efficiency and creativity in big companies and smaller developers and individuals like you.
So don’t let this chance go by. If you can think of a way your life and your work can be improved if you added programming to your arsenal of skills, then pick up a language and see what you can accomplish from your computer.
Linked in Profile Account
2014 (if I could remember) was the year that I first open my Linked In Account. Back then, I once pay a visit to a seminar organized by some dudes. The instructor told us that this social media tool was important for young adults like us. So, I set up my account.
For the first few years of being a LinkedIn user, I didn’t quite understand how to use it. I basically just pasted my resume, connected with people here and there and checked it sporadically. I even closed it down at one point because I thought it was totally something rival to Facebook and Twitter.
But, research has shown that 87 percent of recruiters are using LinkedIn to source for candidates. However, many people are not as active on LinkedIn and do not have a completed or updated profile. They are missing out on potential opportunities to switch jobs for a better pay and higher position.
Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, experts recommend that you should still go for an interview. The benefits are aplenty – practice your job interview skills; improve your knowledge about the job market in your industry; know how much people are willing to pay for you and stay on top of opportunities available.
Prepare for Behavioral Questions
You might be wondering why? But let me tell you, every organization or job seekers are asking such questions and failure to answer to those will lead to something negative to you.
Behavioral questions are questions that are open ended and asked on yourself like, tell us about your strengths, tell us about the best project that you have dealt with, what is your experience in team leading and so on.
Such questions require independent and individualistic answers. Prepare yourself for the same. Behavioral questions, are quite easier to answer, but if you have not practiced a bit then, answering on the spot might become a task for you.
Thus, it is advisable to predict and prepare your behavioral answers in an impressive manner. You can start this ones you have applied for the job.
Provide Sample of Working Experience (if available)
If you are in a creative field, well then it is important to have a sample of work handy. This is because you never know when can they ask you to show up the sample that you have.
Therefore, after applying for a particular job say content head of a fashion house, you must start preparing samples of fashion and lifestyle.
No doubt that you must be having samples ready with you, but, preparing some job descriptions related samples would be helpful to you only.
Tips to Add-on
Confidence is attractive, and when hirers sense that you know what you want and that you’re ready to give them what they need, then they’re more likely to be interested in you. Ditch the negative talk, manage your emotions, and build up on your confidence before embarking on a job search.
You’ll be better at managing the challenges that come during this period, and you are sure to come out on top at the end…
And remember there’s a lot cautions you as an employer you need be careful with them, Finding a job these days is no joke. Taking the time to prepare may be the best way to face this challenge to make sure you come up on top at the end.  To avoid kick without know what you do, please follow these tips and start implementing it.


So these were a few of the measures that you must do and take care of while you are applying for the job. Today’s world is highly competitive and it is utterly important to be a step ahead of all. These minor yet majorly effective steps might just become the ladder to your job. All you have to do is take good care of them all.
Today’s well prepared attitude would lead you to the ladder of success. You just have to put in persisting efforts with carefully planted steps as listed above. So go and grab your opportunity today!
Thinking we miss some quick tips for a successful job search, please don’t hesitate use the comment section below to state yours. Thanks.

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