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Why I Stopped Facebook Third Party Apps (And Why You Should Too!)

by Abubakar Musa Usman
Facebook has a lot of third parties app out there and all of us are guilty of allowing quite a few of them have access to our profiles and other personal information. Whether that be games, social apps, or any other kind of service that may access your Facebook. That’s why it’s a good idea to go through what apps can access your Facebook information and remove the ones that don’t need it anymore.
When i see people, mostly those self acclaimed experts, ex hackers and big boys granting third party apps like en.testony, en.quizzstar, Malluapps, Names tests, etc. access to their Facebook profile in exchange for fun and fortune telling, i can’t help but weep for them.
Let me explain the risk involved. Grant any third party app access to your account is like selling your public and private data for free. This third party app will steal the following information;
  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your chat and other private data.
Here is the problem most of these third party apps are owned by Nigerians. Some are owned by dubious organizations and fraudsters and you know what that means when these set of people handle sensitive and private information.
Why you should avoid these apps.
  1. Your private and public info can be used together to produce fake IDs for fraudulent activities.
  2. Your INFO, when combined together with that of others, can be sold to dubious companies, organizations or even the dark web.
  3. These apps can post on your behalf, meaning the owners might just decide to advertise their products, be it porn or hard drugs on your timeline which is really bad and image denting.
  4. With all your sensitive information being exposed, you and your Facebook account are not safe.
What’s the way out?
The highest you can do is stop the app from posting to your timeline in the future by removing it from your account.

Note that once you’ve granted access, you can’t take back all the information you’ve give to the third-party. Still, you can only prevent them from mining additional data for use in who-knows-what capacity in the feature

First go to Setting which is at the right top corner of your Facebook account, then carefully looks at your left hand pane when it brings another Facebook page and click onApps
Then a list of Granted Facebook Apps will pop-up and to revoke just on the X button like it was shown in the image below.
At last one dialogue will pop-up requesting to confirm deletion
You can also apply the same steps if you are using a smartphone be it Facebook Mobile App or directly on web browser. Thank you

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